Handheld biology lab, engineered to detect any gene-marker.

It is currently being used by food producers and varying federal agencies for on-site detection of microbial contamination and diseases.

BioRanger is built upon three key innovations.
  • Battery powered and patent pending handheld device.
  • Android-based BioRanger App.
  • Reagent kits leveraging Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP and our patent pending Assimilating Probe technology.

BioRanger improves upon our previous Smart-DART products.


What we do

Diagenetix, Inc. was co-founded by researchers at the University of Hawaii.

Our mission is to help make molecular diagnostics and DNA amplification methodologies more accessible and applicable for students, `researchers, scientists, government, and businesses. By doing so and with our customers, we hope to help create solutions and move science forward.

We excel at working near the crossroads of research and applied science, helping customers and collaborators develop the right detection solution for their needs. We always love to hear about interesting research. Please contact us if you believe our technologies and capabilities could complement your own.


Our Team


Paul Zorner
Paul Zorner

Dow, BASF, Godvari Sugar, Yulex Corp.

Richard Sherman
Richard Sherman

Mavern Consulting, GlaxoSmithKline.

Scott Shibata
Scott Shibata

Co-Founder & Former CEO - Diagenetix, Inc.

Julie Wurfel
Julie Wurfel

Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers.

Our Partners.